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Sher Senya (sher.senya) - Super Special Interview #10

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

1) Introduce yourself!

Helluu! I'm Sher, but I also go by Senya or Ne online as well. I'm currently an art student who does illustrations of my Original Characters (OCs) and personal works from school. I'm not exactly a writer but I do write stories for my characters background and I've been doing roleplaying with my friends the past year hehe (both text roleplay and tabletop RPGs)!

2) Why do you do what you do?

I've been drawing since I was little just like everyone else, but as I grew older I just continued drawing, trying new mediums, and have been doing so for many years. What honestly kept me going is the fact I could give my characters, I create along the way "life" and also the encouragement from friends that made me want to pursue art in the long run.

3) Who or what inspires you?

My biggest inspirations are always my friends, lecturers/teachers and family because they were my first portal to drawing. And along the way, the artists I find on social media, books/graphic novels, game art and many more! There's just so many of them who have greatly inspired me, everyone inspire me in their own little ways.

4) How is your experience being a creator in Singapore?

Well, I wouldn't say it's good nor bad, since the art scene is slowly but surely coming to light in Singapore, but sometimes people may not understand art as well as artist do and their views on art could be different for everyone, so it all depends on everyone to educate one another along the way so that it can be a good and memorable experience for everyone.

5) What do you wish would happen in Singapore to help creators?

I'm still a student so I have yet to experience the work industry as a graduated student, but I have heard that artists do not get paid as well as they should for the amount of work they do in many places, and I think if companies are earning well, they should be paying their artist for the amount of work they do just so it's fair.

As for the art markets and events, there has been many affordable places for creators to showcase and sell their works which is greatly appreciated by many of us to the people behind the scenes to give smaller creators a chance to showcase their works to others.

6) What are your goals?

Well, my goal for now is to finish my studies in the art path heh. But after that, my next goals would come to me on its own and I'll work hard for it whether it may be a simple or a difficult goal. Something I do want to do is to keep doing art for as long as I can, improving with friends, meeting new people and more!

There's of course lots of things I have in mind like creating a game, or trying animation, or even making a book cover or a graphic novel of my characters, but these will all slowly happen as I move forward in my journey.

7) Where can people find and support you?

I'll be on Instagram @sher.senya and I do have Twitter @shersenya but I'm not as active there. I will be opening commissions soon once I finish my references and update my price page, so support are greatly appreciated and if you enjoy traditional art I do have traditional commissions open too once it's opened hehe.

8) Anything else you want to share?

Stay hydrated and eat up, take a break if you need to and don't be afraid to try, fail and try again!

9) Give a shoutout to other SG creators!

Firstly, a shoutout to The Super Secret Book (@thesupersecretbook) for giving local creators like us an opportunity to not only talk about ourselves, but our art as well!

I would also like to give a shoutout to some of my friends so do check em out on Instagram:

If you're into illustrations (ranging from fanarts to originals), check out @aeron_wrn, @ken_morita07, @peeppq, @mademedeepblue, @taid0t, @wispyfrappe, @xenrae, @soldalyte_,, @iiepx.nat,, @semiexistential and many more!

If you're into more traditional works that aren't your typical illustration works, check out @_dopression_ (art about his culture), @nurulatiqahzaidi (body positivity art/ feminity), @bybobbles (graffiti art), @artwithika (multimedia & crochet) and many more!

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