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Tian En was born and raised on the sunny island of Singapore. He has spent most of his life watching movies, reading comic books and playing arcade games.

Inspired by his favourite superhero comics, he hoped to create his own ground-breaking comic book. Upon realising that he can't draw, he settled on writing a novel.

By chance (or fate?), he met freelance artist Soefara Jafney (@soefara) at a cosplay event in 2017. She helped to develop the character designs and also illustrated the cover of "The Super Secret Book".

After getting rejected by every publisher in Singapore (a story for another time), he self-published his debut novel "The Super Secret Book" in March 2020. It became a #1 bestselling eBook on Amazon and has a 4.5 star rating on Goodreads.


He believes in creating family-friendly entertainment that kids wouldn't need to hide from their parents. He also pushes the boundaries of middle grade fiction with unpredictable plots and thought-provoking themes.

Together with Singaporean YouTuber MiniMoochi, they created a series of read aloud videos on YouTube. He has hosted drawing contests on Instagram which attracted hundreds of fanart (#thesupersecretbook)

He is always writing more stories. You may support him by purchasing his books on Amazon or following his Instagram page (@thesupersecretbook) where he is most active.

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