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Gentle and kind-hearted. 

Loyal to her friends, doesn’t like offending others. 

Might be camera shy, and seldom speaks up for herself.

Gadgets & Abilities 

Her K-Pistol is a gun that shoots stun darts which sends the target into a daze. The  stun darts can penetrate any clothing material. The K-Pistol can also be loaded with  other types of special darts. Koolara is a sharpshooter and rarely misses her target.


Koolara grew up in Diamond City with her parents until the night that they were  brutally murdered. She was watching her favourite TV show at home when the police  knocked on her door with the news. They never caught or identified the murderer.  After witnessing the heroic acts of the real-life superhero calling himself The Shock,  she decided to create her own superhero identity and fight crime. If the police can’t  find her parent’s murderer, then she will…




Warm hearted and caring, always looking out for others. 

Speaks confidently and doesn’t get intimidated by bad guys. 

Does not handle defeat and setbacks well.

Gadgets & Abilities 

His S-Braces are arm bracelets that are indestructible. They can withstand huge  impacts and even deflect bullets. The Shock is good at close combat and can deliver  a mighty punch, although he still values defence more than offence. As the leader,  he is good at organising and motivating the team.


The Shock’s parents were in charge of building a next-generation transport system  for Diamond City, but they were shot dead while defending innocent bystanders in an  armed bank robbery. The Shock inherited a large fortune from his parents and used  it to become the first real-life superhero in Diamond City, vowing to keep its people safe. After seeing other young superheroes pop up after him, he decides to form his very own superhero team…




The serious one, reserved and rarely displays emotions. 

Always focused on the task at hand, always thinks logically. 

Reluctant to share his technology with others.

Gadgets & Abilities 

He is an expert in science and gadgetry, and has invented a wide array of weapons  for the team. He has created a unique healing technology that heals wounds instantly. His huge cape acts as a camouflage and helps him to be stealthy and  unpredictable. 


The Mystery was a child genius who loved solving puzzles and inventing his own  special gadgets. After his best friend was brutally beaten up by street gangsters, he became a superhero to find and eliminate all illegal gang activity in Diamond City. He  believes that human emotions will distract from the mission and chooses to suppress them behind a full mask.




The vain one, loves the celebrity aspect of superhero life. 

Doesn’t take discussions seriously, just goes with the flow. 

Secretly self-conscious about what others think of him.

Gadgets & Abilities 

His E-Bombs are mini explosives that emit the E-Mist, a smoke that is able to automatically detect and travel towards the nearest human, clouding the target’s vision. Electric Boy is not the best fighter, but he takes pride in canvassing public opinion for the Super Secret. 


Electric Boy was always more concerned with his looks than his grades, secretly  dreaming of becoming a famous celebrity. After seeing the overwhelming attention  that the new real-life superheroes were getting, he decided to put on an eye-catching  costume and be a superhero too. How hard can beating up bad guys be anyway?




The sarcastic one, critical with her words. 

Sharp and observant despite her seemingly careless attitude. 

Might be afraid of building relationships with others.

Gadgets & Abilities 

Her L-Whip is a whip that wraps around the target and tightens itself automatically.  She also has a L-Flash, a small gadget that produces a strong blast of light that temporarily blinds the target. Lady Damage is highly acrobatic and can perform  amazing physical stunts. Prefers to knock out her enemies with a mean kick.


Lady Damage had the perfect hair and figure that attracted all the boys in school.  After witnessing her female friends being mistreated by guys one too many times,  she trains and builds herself to become a superhero, hoping to show girls that they  can stand up for themselves too.




The cute one, usually quiet and in her own world. 

Superbly analytical thinking and has a photographic memory. 

Has no cynical thoughts, but might be too naive.

Gadgets & Abilities 

Her P-Star is a throwing projectile with a homing technology that lets it always return  to her hand. She is agile and light on her feet. She is a relatively good fighter but doesn’t like violence.


Pandora Girl was labelled a weirdo and bullied at school for being too quirky and  aloof, but it never really bothered her. After seeing how the new real-life superheroes  in their colourful costumes are fighting crime and saving the city, she decides to  design her own unique image and join in the fun. Maybe she can even meet some  new friends...

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