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Miniyi (miniyi_art) - Super Special Interview #7

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

1) Introduce yourself!

My art name is miniyi, but my real name is min yi (just a little "i" in the middle of my name turns into my art name) I am a so-called local artist who just really love nerdy culture, like gaming to comics, ever since I was very young, starting with Sonic the Hedgehog. I am glad to be here for this interview.

2) Why do you do what you do?

It's interesting because it just happened. I was a young boy and I was bored at my grandma's house. I saw this blue hedgehog on the Dreamcast gaming console and I took interest in it for quite some time, to the point of me wanting to create art for this blue hedgehog just for myself. It impressed my classmates and they requested me to draw all sorts of things. I kept it going because of the excitement of seeing people happy. That's how I started this journey.

3) Who or what inspires you?

In the past, it was always video games that kept me wanting to create more. Video games still inspire me till this day, like League of Legends' splash art or horror games like Fatal Frame. Definitely an artist named Mujumonster, his art style influenced me a lot.

4) How is your experience being a creator in Singapore?

It's not bad, but it's just that Singapore is small and it can't cater to a lot of different skill levels. Right now, I am having a hard time looking for a job probably due to lack of job experience or lack of skill requirement for this industry. You have to be the very best in the semi-realistic style with what I am going for. Also, there's a lack of junior art roles in Singapore as well, so I would say it's pretty tough ahahahaha.

5) What do you wish would happen in Singapore to help creators?

I would say having Singapore cheaper would help everyone greatly. Being a freelance artist, you can earn some money with freelance work, but at the same time, it doesn't translate well with Singapore's high cost of living. And I think more art studios would be willing to be in Singapore if it's cheaper and when that happens, there will be more jobs for different skill levels. That would help a lot of artists.

6) What are your goals?

Just to be the greatest artist has always been my goal and always getting more knowledge in art.

7) Where can people find and support you?

Instagram : @miniyi_art

Facebook : Min Yi Haruka

Twitter : @Miniyi_art

8) Anything else you want to share?

In order to be happy later, you have to be happy now.

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