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THE SUPER SECRET BOOK is the first in a series of middle grade superhero novels from Singaporean author Tian En. It is available on Amazon as a paperback and eBook.


Violet Vivien is your not-so-typical seventeen-year-old girl. Better known as the sharpshooting superhero KOOLARA, she has dedicated her life to defending Diamond City alongside the city’s teenage crime-fighting team, the SUPER SECRET!
The Super Secret is a team of six young superheroes who take down bad guys with their high-tech gadgets and unparalleled combat skills, but when a powerful, mysterious diamond falls into the hands of a vengeful supervillain, they are forced into the biggest fight of their lives and must reconsider what it means to be a superhero before it's too late…


"Tian En has created a compelling work of fiction through his relatable storytelling and comedic chronicle, bound to charm any reader of his debut novel. The Super Secret Book is a force of nature with suspense lurking on every page. From the very beginning, this story will excite your imagination and have you wondering “what’s going to happen next?” It’s an innovative local spin on our everyday superheroes trying to be the best version of themselves regardless of the situations they may fall into. From fighting crime to romance to mystery, this book takes readers through real life adventures.

The Super Secret characters are individuals that I could relate to, laugh and learn with. One minute I was giggling at something witty Lady Damage said and a few pages later I was trying to strategize how to beat the supervillains. Tian En crafted his narrative with sheer detail, making visualisation effortless for the reader. I am a kid at heart and this story truly brought that out of me, it’s the kind of superhero novel that I enjoy reading curled up in bed."

- Tasha Arora (Titan Digital Media)

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